How to avoid over-texting a girl (and blowing your chances with her)

Girl texting

It’s a common situation. You meet a girl, you get her number, you’re having fun text conversations, but it’s not going anywhere. Either she is not showing you enough interest for you to ask her out, or you can’t get her out on a date.

So what do you do? If you keep texting, you might lose any attraction she has for you – you end up looking needy, or she gets bored.

The best thing to do is to just stop texting her for a while. Two weeks or two months later, her situation could be very different. Maybe she broke up with the guy she was seeing. Maybe she hasn’t got laid in a while. Maybe she misses your texts.

Not texting: easier said than done

The problem is that when you really like a girl, it’s hard to resist the temptation to keep texting her. Bored, drunk, or horny, you say to yourself “what’s the harm in sending one text?” And then you blow it.

Well, I have come up with a simple but effective (and slightly nerdy) way to solve this problem!

Introducing: the TextSheet

Quite simply, you write her number down and delete it from your phone until the time is right to text her again. Put it in a spreadsheet with her name and the date you decide you will re-initiate contact.

Add notes about your last conversation, because you’re also going to delete her messages from your phone. You want to make sure you have no way to contact her on your phone. And in a few weeks you might have forgotten what you talked about (especially if you meet a lot of girls).

Why the TextSheet works

This way you don’t lose her number, but you can’t ruin your game by sending a drunk or impulsive text. Also the notes about your conversation make it easier for you to use call-back humour, which is important for text game.

Deleting a number from your phone also makes it easier to move on and focus on the next girl.

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