Do women like being approached in the street? Perspectives from two females

Hot woman walking in street

Approaching moving women in the street is popular in the London ‘pickup scene’. Keep your eyes open in Oxford Street, and you’ll see multiple men stopping girls in their tracks.

Before I started doing these approaches, the idea of running up to a girl in the street seemed crazy. However, a friend made me try it and I realised it can be very effective.

So what do girls think about it?

Girl A: Leave me alone!

This was a post made on Facebook by a girl I know:

So I’m walking home from my friend’s house, and some guy, walking slightly in front of me, slows down and walks in front of me. He says “I like your boots”.

I say “I don’t like yours.”

A few seconds later, he says “I loved your response earlier.”

I said, “well, with a response like that, it would have been enough to let you know that I’m not interested.”

He said “I’m not trying to get your number or anything, it’s clear you’ve had a rough day.”

I replied, “no mate, I haven’t had a rough day, I just want to walk down the street without being bothered.”

…Eventually he took the hint and fucked off.

I’m sorry, but if I’m walking down the street, I don’t bother strangers, and if I did, I’d take the response and fuck off. Who do the fuck do people think they are? I don’t owe you my time or my patience.

Piss off.

A comment from her later in the discussion thread:

“I’m fed up of being bothered in the street”


This was obviously a pretty crap pickup attempt, but we’ll talk about that in a sec.

The important thing is this: this girl obviously felt pretty angry if she bothered to go onto Facebook and write a long post about it. It was obviously not nice for her to be approached on the street. As men, we need to appreciate that these experiences can sometimes be unpleasant for women.

However, in this particular example, it’s obvious that it was a terrible pickup attempt. Firstly, the guy didn’t stop her – walking alongside a girl is just creepy. Secondly, he opened by complimenting her boots. If you’re going to approach a girl on the street, you have to declare your intentions openly, passionately and honestly. A lame compliment is not the way to do that.

Lastly, he acted like he was entitled to meet her when he said “it’s clear you’ve had a rough day.” This is what really annoyed her. Guys: no girl owes you a conversation.

Girl B: Wow!

This is an email from a Scottish girl that I stopped in the street – I felt a bit awkward but she was so gorgeous I had to meet her. I gave her my card (which only has my email address on it) and she messaged me a few days later:

Hello Johnny

It was good to meet you the other day in the city of London.

A little odd perhaps as I do not tend to get accosted by men on the street 😉 – but I would like to stress good all the same.

Very brave move on your behalf…

I hope you are well.

This is my email and it was nice meeting you.

To me, this is gold. I talked to this girl for less than five minutes, and she was excited enough to take the initiative and contact me.

This outcome doesn’t happen to me every day – but it speaks volumes. This is exactly why you should take risks and approach girls in difficult situations. Yes, she might think you’re a weirdo. But she also might be excited and intrigued by your confidence.

What else can you do in a short space of time that will make that much of an impact on a girl?

What can we learn?

It’s clear that some women feel uncomfortable being approached in the street, and guys need to appreciate that. We need to know when to back off. But most of all, we need to know how to present ourselves in a way that is non-threatening and attractive.

It’s equally clear that there are women who would love to meet a confident guy who is willing to take risks.

Why daytime street approaches can be better than night approaches

Some people will say “why approach girls in the street when you could do it in places where they want to meet guys, like bars and clubs?”

Well, here’s the funny thing: I originally met girl A in a club. I walked up to her with a playful opener, and she was really obnoxious to me. In my younger years, that would have ruined my night. However, being more experienced, I kept talking just to see what happened. Eventually the girl started being nicer. We later met again through a mutual friend.

What’s interesting to me is that the girl in question was less rude to the random guy in the street than she was to me in a ‘social environment’. That is consistent with all my experiences with day approaches vs night approaches.

So there you have it. A lot of girls prefer to meet guys in nightspots. But if you’re a guy trying to meet pretty girls? In the street, you might get rejected faster. But you’ll also make more impact, gain more confidence, and get less rudeness from girls you want to meet. It’s worth the risk.

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