Making things exciting for a girl who contacts me

I had a string of rejections recently from girls who I gave a card to. These girls contacted me, but I managed to turn them off with my responses. My pickup advisor told me that I have to make it more exciting for them. Yep, it’s the same old unfortunate truth – you can’t just be ‘normal’ in these abnormal situations – you have to continue the excitement you started.

So, I tried to make things really fun for one girl who contacted me after I gave her my card. It ended in a great date. My card doesn’t include my phone number, so it started with an email:

Her: Hey! It’s X, we met last night, do you remember me? I want to hear your band! It was nice meeting you, let’s keep in touch!

Me: Of course I remember you, you’re my favourite mysterious stranger 😉

Here’s my band: [I sent a link – a video with 800 views- I’m not famous]

You had a very naughty look on your face when I left you on Friday…not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing 😉 [complete bullshit..but I had to throw some push-pull in there]
Jonny x

Her: My smile was definitely a good thing! Your band is great, love the singing and guitar playing! Yes it was very mysterious…I ran into you twice and then I see you again!

Me: Glad you like it. Well, if we’re going to keep running into each other, maybe we should get to know each other better! Are you free Thursday for a drink?

Her: Yes I’m free! Let me know where, I’m looking forward to this mystery! Here’s my number..

Me: The adventure begins at the drunken monkey, Shoreditch, Thursday at 8pm…we will drink cocktails and talk in secret code..

[later, by text] Me: All good for tonight senorita?

Her: Yes…tonight will be the night of mystery!

Me: Excellent! Remember the secret password is “sexy wizard”

Her: Ok! Password is sexy wizard!


Look at the excitement it creates when you keep your answers short, decisive and mysterious! You can tell from the email how much she was looking forward to the date. Obviously the stage was set by the initial interaction, but these small things make a huge difference.

This is EXACTLY the dynamic that should be in place for a fun date. My date with her went really well and she later told me she loved the ‘mystery’ talk.

How I got a model/dancer to ask me out

I’ve been experimenting with game for a long time, but only recently started to get any good. I have been trying to figure out how to get the girl to chase me.

Well, this weekend I nailed it. I went to a club night that had a bunch of dancers working it, and I hit it off with the best-looking one there. I later found out she has been on the cover of magazines.

The approach

I was walking through a crowd and came face to face with this girl. I hit her with a couple of playful openers, and I could see she was attracted. She introduces herself to me but then immediately says “I’m hot from dancing, I’m going outside to cool down”. In the past I would have followed her, but instead I go and look for more girls.

I run into her later and we start talking. I immediately sense that I have to play the game really carefully with this one. She gives me a few tests, but I show her that I am unconvinced by her. She asks me if I want to dance, I say no.

She suggests we go downstairs to talk somewhere quiet. Five minutes later we are sitting at the table talking, when another dancer comes over and starts talking to her. Now’s my chance to really show who’s boss. After a minute of them ignoring me, I stand up and say “I don’t want to interrupt your girly catch-up time, I’ll see you later”. My girl grabs me and says “please stay babe!”. A minute later the other girl disappears, and my girl apologises.

We talk for a minute and then make out. She says out of the blue that she isn’t going to sleep with me tonight. I shrug it off and say I’m staying with my friends anyway, but I’d like to see her again some time. We agree to swap numbers.

She tells me that her phone is upstairs, so we go upstairs to the club to get it. But instead of getting her phone, she makes me dance with her for a minute, and then runs off to dance on the podium by herself. Not sure what happened there – maybe she just wanted me to see her do some sexy dancing.

Again, I don’t follow her. I know that if I go and ask for her number, I’ll lose the value I’ve built up. I go and rejoin my friends and leave without saying goodbye.

The next day

The next morning I wake up to a ‘nice to meet you’ message and a Facebook friend request from her. She must have found me through a mutual friend.
I wait till 5pm and accept the friend request, but I purposely don’t read her message. 20 minutes later I get another message from her: “thanks for adding me”.
We started talking, and at the end of the conversation she asked me out. She kept talking about how loads of guys are after her but she doesn’t like them, she hasn’t dated in ages etc…so it seems I have managed to stand out from the crowd.


So there you have it – that’s how you get the hottest girl in the club asking you out. Could I have made a connection without ‘gaming’ her? Possibly. But I don’t think I could have cut through all the other guys without doing what I did.

But what did I really do in ‘gaming her’? A friend told me that all I did was act like she was just another pretty girl, rather than someone important. I think he’s right. Unfortunately, many guys (including me) have a tendency to put pretty girls on a pedestal The day I figure out how to overcome this, I’ll post it here..